What is the scene like at Crow’s Nest?

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The scene at Crow’s Nest restaurant, which is located inside of The Hotel Captain Cook, is markedly Old-World. It’s a top choice to celebrate special occasions, including marriage proposals, anniversaries, and birthdays. It’s also where one goes for date night, to impress the parents, or to negotiate business deals. Many locals come to the lounge for drinks and appetizers to wind down after a long day at their offices.

As far as the best times to come to Crow’s Nest? Take your pick — the sunsets are spectacular, the view of the Cook Inlet and Denali National Park from a 20-story high restaurant is breathtaking, and there are 360-degree views of the beautiful mountains and ocean. In the wintertime, most people prefer the "city side" to gaze upon the lights in Anchorage. Honestly, any time is the best time to come.

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