What are the best bars in Anchorage?

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Larry Olmsted

Craft brewing is the rage in Anchorage, so many of the most popular bars make their own beers, including Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Glacier Brew Pub, and Snow Goose Restaurant & Sleeping Lady Brewery. Then there are several other beer-centric places that don’t brew but have a wide range of Alaskan and other specialty beers, including Firetap Alehouse and Humpy’s Great Alaskan Brewhouse, perhaps the most popular bar in downtown, with the state’s largest selection of drafts, including dozens of local specialty and limited release options. For a more upscale and romantic cocktail experience, the top choice in the city is the famous Crow’s Nest atop the Hotel Captain Cook, the highest watering hole in Anchorage, with tremendous views in every direction. For an Alaskan frontier feel, try F Street Station downtown, all dark wood, a bar festooned with hundreds of stickers placed by patrons over the years, and the infamous block o’ cheese on the corner of the bar, to try at your own risk.

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