What are the best restaurants in Anchorage?

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Larry Olmsted

Seafood rules in Anchorage — Alaska is the only state with sustainability of fishing grounds written into its Constitution, and everything is wild caught, as fish farming is outlawed. There are several excellent seafood eateries downtown, but Sack’s Café & Restaurant is the most consistent and creative, serving ultra-fresh oysters, shrimp, snow and king crab, cod, halibut, rockfish and the major types of salmon: chum, sockeye/red, silver/coho, pink, and king in a bewildering array of interesting styles that change nightly. Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill is another top choice that marries a lot of fresh seafood with Anchorage’s best steaks. Ginger puts a modern Pacific Rim flavor spin on its fresh seafood, while Orso takes on the bounty of fresh seafood with a Mediterranean flair. For breakfast (all day long) it is impossible to beat the wonderful Snow City Cafe, with all the standards plus Alaskan twists like King crab benedict and reindeer sausage. Craft beer is huge in Alaska, and for casual but tasty meals, try the Midnight Sun Brewing Company or Glacier Brew Pub.

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