Do the menus at Woodlands Grill and Rice House have seasonal dishes?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The menus at Woodlands Grill and Rice House offer seasonal dishes when available, taking advantage of their rural foothills location and Springbank Plantation, the Barnsley Resort’s 1,800–acre hunting ground that was specifically designed as ideal habitat for wild pheasant, quail, turkey and deer. This is perhaps better illustrated at Rice House, where fresh greens from the resort garden make seasonal appearances alongside wild game, such as homegrown grilled quail over shitake and apple risotto with spinach and dried cherry sauce. When in season, find fresh gulf shrimp or wild salmon that has been flown in from the Copper River in Alaska. 

Greg Teague

Seasonal dishes are offered at both Woodlands Grill and Rice House when ingredients are available. More to the point, the entire Rice House menu is changed to reflect seasonal variety.

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