Does Barnsley Resort have connected rooms or suites?

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Many of the cottages at Barnsley Resort are actually connecting suites that can be shared or used as separate accommodations. The largest of these is the sprawling Godfrey cottage, with seven bedrooms spread over two floors, a large shared living room with a field-stone fireplace and a kitchen area with granite counters. In each shared cottage, individual rooms have a private key in addition to the front door and common room key, so you can choose how social you want to be. Other setups include cottages with two, three, five or six bedrooms arranged around a common living and kitchen area. For a scaled-down connecting suite at the Forbes Travel Guide recommended Georgia hotel, Manor rooms — in groups of four per cottage — are smaller bedrooms that are arranged around a central living room without a kitchen area. With private entrances to each room, the configuration also allows two rooms to be turned into a private suite in one half of the cottage, or the entire cottage may be shared.  

Jennifer Ball

At Barnsley Resort, we have connecting rooms that are easily combined for families. We also have multi-bedroom cottages, which are fantastic for groups and larger family gatherings.

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