Does Woodlands Grill offer special menus for food allergies?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

If you have food allergies, you won’t feel left out while dining at Woodlands Grill at Barnsley Resort — the staff will help align your preferences with your dietary restrictions. There is no distributed menu for food allergies, but the chef is used to dealing with sensitivities to gluten, seafood, dairy, strawberries and peanuts, and will help you customize a dish to avoid specific ingredients. Let your server know about any food allergies and they will help design the perfect meal, combining accompanying side dishes to create a menu that works for you, be it gluten- or shellfish-free.

Greg Teague

Our Woodlands Grill servers are well-schooled in understanding the needs of special menus for food allergies. To be especially careful, servers will confer with guests to determine dietary limits and preferences before speaking with the chef to determine a choice of offerings. Any dining experience, whether at Rice House, the Beer Garden or via a picnic basket, may be tailored to a guest’s needs.

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