What amenities does Barnsley Resort provide for pets?

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High standards of service extend to pets at Barnsley Resort, which welcomes your animal with necessary amenities. Call ahead to let staff know you’re bringing your pet, and they will stock your room with pet beds, food bowls, bottled water and dog treats stamped with the Barnsley logo. If the Fairy Grandmother (Denise Webb) learns a little about your pet, she might also surprise you with some toys to entertain him or her. Doggie birthday parties are regular occurrences, and for one aging canine and her owner (both regulars) the staff even built a ramp so the dog could climb up to bed. The hardwood floors are forgiving to accidents, and every public facility — with the exception of indoor dining rooms and the spa, pool and gym — is open for you and your animal to relax together. With advance notice, guest services at the Forbes Travel Guide recommended hotel can take your dog on a quick potty break if you’re out all day on the golf course, and can also arrange pet sitting. 

Jennifer Ball

Standard amenities for pets at Barnsley Resort include beds, food and water bowls, bottled water and treats. Pet sitting may also be arranged with advance notice. 

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