What are the desserts like at Rice House?

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With fresh ingredients and a frequently updated menu that reflects the changing seasons, the desserts at Rice House offer a sweet surprise. Chef Charles Vosburgh uses garden herbs and fruits — many plucked from Barnsley Resort’s own grounds — in his housemade cobblers, sauces and ice creams. Despite seasonal variations, a few ever-present favorites will always find their way onto the dessert menu, and loyal guests come back over and over again for the frozen Grand Marnier soufflé with raspberry coulis. Other classics include made-from-scratch cookies, rich chocolate cakes and crème brûlée.

Greg Teague

The Rice House dessert menu encompasses the range of flavors we all expect from any worthwhile, tempting dessert menu — rich chocolate, rum sauces, fresh fruit and fresh vanilla accentuated by fresh, homemade ice cream — all presented in a timely fashion and often with asymmetrical plate presentations.

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