What five things should I pack for a stay at Barnsley Resort?

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With so many things to do at Barnsley Resort, your packing list can quickly outgrow your suitcase. One thing you won’t need is formal attire: Unless you’re attending a wedding here, a collared shirt is the dressiest thing you’ll need to feel comfortable in the dining rooms. Here are five other suggestions:

1. Athletic clothes. With 12 miles of hiking trials, heirloom gardens, shooting, golf, horseback riding, tennis, swimming and more, the grounds here offer multiple ways to actively relax.

2. Golf clubs. Nicknamed “The General,” the Jim Fazio-designed golf course offers lovely views but is better known as a rugged, par-72 course. With elevation changes and a woodlands design, even seasoned players will find a challenge on the fairways.

3. A swimsuit. The Grecian-style pool shakes things up with saltwater, so there’s no drying chlorine to linger on your skin while lounging by the recommended hotel’s pool. Even if swimming doesn’t tempt you, you’re welcome to use the coed spa whirlpool.

4. A camera. The setting in the rural foothills, combined with gardens in full bloom during the spring and summer, will offer numerous photo opportunities.

5. Sunscreen. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, the mountain sunshine is enough to tempt anyone out of their cottage for a stroll through the Barnsley’s historic ruins. We guarantee you’ll spend more time outside than you think. 

Jennifer Ball

When packing for a stay at Barnsley Resort, think of it as a playground for adults. Accordingly, here are five things you should be sure to pack for a stay here. First, bring comfortable walking shoes. We have 12 miles of hiking and biking trails as well as beautiful gardens and a historic museum to explore. Be sure to include a bathing suit. Folks often forget to pack one in the cool-weather months, but make sure you bring a suit to enjoy our coed whirlpool. You should also pack sunscreen, insect repellent and additional comfy clothing. With all of our fun outdoor activities, an excursion or two will certainly lure you outside.

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