What is the best time of the year to visit Barnsley Resort?

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The best time of year to visit Barnsley Resort is when the natural surroundings are at their best. By late spring, the gardens are in full swing with blooming trees, shrubs, plants and bulbs. A standout walking tour will include the azalea walk in the lower gardens behind the ruins — where a variety of native, scented azaleas bloom from April to late summer — as well as the heirloom rose fence row near Rice House restaurant, where a variety of antique roses will delight the senses at their peak in May. The fall season offers incredible foliage and is also an excellent time to visit. The Blue Ridge Mountain foothills come alive with flaming color as the leaves turn with the season, and Japanese camellia trees burst into bloom. The Georgia weather is forgiving enough for winter sports, so if you’re an outdoor enthusiast you can expect to play golf and enjoy winter hunting even in the cooler months.

Michael Gordon

When it comes down to the best time of the year to visit Barnsley Resort, a case can be made for each season. Most guests choose to come for the spring blooms or the fall foliage, although the summer is equally lovely and offers a surplus of blossoming roses. Winter is also a great time to visit: With our wood-burning fireplaces and cozy cottages, a trip to Barnsley is like a trip to the mountains — except the weather is much milder.

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