What is the food presentation like at Woodlands Grill?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Befitting its casual atmosphere and location at Barnsley Resort, Woodlands Grill presents its food in a straightforward manner with simple plating that avoids architectural feats of cuisine. Reasonably priced dishes ($10 for appetizers, $28 for mains) arrive without pretention — what you see is what you get, and the flavors are comfortable combinations of classic American dishes. Expect large portions for the appetizers and salads, such as the enormous wedge of iceberg lettuce heaped with creamy blue cheese dressing. The white ceramic dishware allows executive chef Charles Vosburgh to emphasize color, which he does with bright sauces or garnishes such as the electric green chives and saffron-hued paprika that float on creamy yellow corn soup. 

Greg Teague

The food presentation at Woodlands Grill is thoughtful, with careful and consistent food arrangements that arrive in a timely manner. Though we usually employ the long-accepted standard of layering food in the center of plate, we mix it up with occasional asymmetrical plating. Our dishes are sumptuous, tempting and inviting.

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