What makes Barnsley Resort different from other hotels?

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Barnsley Resort looks like a warm and inviting 19th-century village rather than a traditional hotel. The lavish guestrooms, suites and cottages are located in European country or American Victorian-inspired structures that feel like private homes. The guest accommodations are surrounded by lavish gardens, a championship golf course, a wooded forest and historic ruins. Other buildings at Barnsley Resort are arranged along pedestrian paths, with magnolia trees and well-manicured lawns accenting the spaces in between.

The resort’s property was once owned by businessman Godfrey Barnsley of Liverpool, England, who built an Italian style mansion on the property in the late 1840s. During the Civil War, Barnsley’s home was ransacked by Union troops and was the site of a small battle on May 18, 1864. In 1942, descendants of Barnsley auctioned off the estate and the property, which was in a state of disrepair and ruins until Prince Hubertus Fugger purchased, developed and expanded it in 1988.

Today, the resort celebrates its rich history and encourages guests to create their own special memories — you’ll find ample opportunities for relaxation or planned activities. Among other things, guests can play a round of golf on a course created by famed designer Jim Fazio, go for a horseback ride, hike through 12 miles of scenic, wooded trails; kayak or canoe; or relax at the luxury spa and Grecian-style saltwater pool. Alternatively, enjoy a meal at the historic Rice House restaurant or Woodlands Grill, which has the ambiance of an English hunting lodge.

Michael Gordon

Our design makes Barnsley Resort different from other hotels because our guestrooms are located in freestanding cottages instead of one inn or lodge. It makes our 92-room hotel feel like a private country home or a small bed and breakfast. 

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