What vegetarian and vegan dishes does Woodlands Grill offer?

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Woodlands Grill easily accommodates vegans and vegetarians at Barnsley Resort with an entire menu of appetizers, salads and entrées. Find tempura green beans with Mae Ploy dipping sauce and a large selection of salads, many of which are vegan or can be made vegan, such as the artisan salad with baby greens, apple-walnut vinaigrette, roasted red and yellow peppers and red grapes (with the option of goat cheese). The vegan entrée is a platter of roasted fingerling potatoes and assorted grilled vegetables, and the larger selection of vegetarian entrées includes a creamy vegetable risotto served with sautéed seasonal vegetables and pecorino Romano, or cheesy scalloped potatoes with sautéed wild mushrooms, spinach ragout and jumbo grilled asparagus.

Greg Teague

We’ve taken the opportunity to create a set vegan and vegetarian menu at Woodlands Grill, offering dishes from all of our meal times. The menu at the Rice House changes seasonally, but many of our offerings can be converted to vegan or vegetarian options upon request.

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