What are the best souvenirs to buy in Austin?

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Veronica Meewes

Though Austin’s iconic Sixth Street is chock full of souvenir shops with tie-dyed “Keep Austin Weird” T-shirts, I think some of the best things to take back with you are a little more off the beaten path.

Callahan's is a legitimate rancher's general store, complete with feed, farming materials, and chicks for sale. But there's also a good deal of Western wear, very Texan gifts (think walking sticks, weather vanes, nutcrackers, locally canned items), and often live music and a bit of a livestock petting zoo on the weekends...and it's right on the way to the airport!

A pair of Old Gringos or Luchese boots from Allen's Boots would be the nicest gift you could get yourself...for a pretty penny.  Check New Bohemia or the neaby Boot Whisperer at The Wild West store in Wimberley for more reasonably priced western footwear. Shepler’s has really affordable cowboy hats and bolo ties, and the Hatbox has a wide variety of headgear.

Tears of Joy is a hot sauce store right in the middle of Sixth, chockful of bottles which can serve as mementos for yourself or gifts for others. I often bring a bottle of Paula’s Texas Orange back with me when I go home for a visit- it really gives margaritas an extra citrus kick! Or maybe locally made craft bitters are more your style? Bad Dog Bar Craft makes a sarsparilla blend, as well as one called” Fire and Damnation.” All of the above can usually be found at Austin Wine Merchant.

Lammes Candies is a great place to stock up on “Longhorns” (chocolate-covered pralines), and though the Whittington’s Jerky general store is a short drive away in Johnson City, their fresh jerky can be found at various stores around town.

But if you’re really stuck on getting a T-shirt, check out the locally screenprinted selection at Parts & Labour and several other stores on South Congress...I bet you might even find a onesie with an armadillo playing an electric guitar on it!

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