What is the best way to get to Austin?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alex Skjong

A great way to travel to Austin is to reserve your own private jet from NetJets, a service that lets you buy a fractional ownership of an aircraft, giving you access to a worldwide fleet of planes ready at your beck and call. No sense waiting in line at the airport, baggage in tow, wondering if you’ll make it through security on time, only to find out your flight’s been delayed. Instead, fly to the Live Music Capital of the World in speedy style. NetJets offers three sizes of aircraft, light, mid-size and large cabin, which can accommodate seven to 14 passengers. Feast on gourmet platters of artisan cheese and seafood and sip some bubbly while you wait to touch down in Hill Country. By using NetJets you can cut your travel time in half — which leaves more time to see a music festival, catch a football game at UT-Austin or explore the renowned Austin food truck scene.