What are the best things to order at Charleston?

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Although the menu changes daily at Charleston restaurant, you’re bound to find a selection of seasonal dishes along with a few standbys, such as these five highlights from a recent visit:

1. Pan-roasted rockfish. This firm whitefish is seared to a golden brown, then paired with a decadent lemon beurre blanc sauce along with a sautéed button and oyster mushroom medley. Don’t even begin to start counting the calories in the buttery sauce – simply enjoy this dish.

2. Lobster soup. The kitchen serves up extremely good soups, including those presented as an amuse bouche before your meal. Still, the velvety lobster soup stands out for its rich flavors, accented with curry oil.

3. Cornmeal-fried oysters. Accompanied by a tangy lemon-cayenne mayonnaise, these briny bivalves pack a punch and are perfectly crispy on the outside while warm and soft inside.

4. Grilled Buffalo tenderloin. When you’ve tired of the same old steak, try buffalo, with its richer, gamier flavor. Here it’s paired with creamy polenta, crispy shallots and oyster mushrooms. Hearty, but grand.

5. White peach sorbet. Of course, this is only available during the height of summer, when white peaches are at their prime. Nevertheless, the pastry kitchen whips up a fantastic selection of sorbets no matter the season, so as long as there’s a cold scoop next to whatever sweet treat you’ve selected, you’re good to go.

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