What is the food presentation like at Charleston?

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Food presentation at Charleston restaurant is elegant and refined, with nary an herb garnish or swoosh of sauce out of place. Plating is often classical in look, with the protein centered atop a side accompaniment and garnished on top, but this French-influenced style of presentation corresponds with the restaurant’s refined setting and complements the Bernardaud china used to serve the dishes.
The menu is divided into three sections, including an ever-rotating selection of primarily meat dishes, a vegetable section showcasing the bounty of the season, and a classics menu of chef Cindy Fox’s signatures. All are daintier portions than you’d find at many restaurants, about the size of a small appetizer, since menus here are comprised of anywhere from three to six courses, plus dessert. You’ll also get an amuse — likely a hot or chilled soup served in a shot glass followed by a small bite — and a selection of four mignardises on a small square plate. Food presentation is just one element of a meal at Charleston that will leave you impressed.

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