What are the five best things to order at Wit & Wisdom?

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When we visited Wit & Wisdom, a Tavern by Michael Mina, these were the five best things on the menu:

1. Wood-Roasted Bone Marrow. Sliced cleanly in half, this buttery, melt-in-your-mouth marrow is luscious and unique, served with tasty pickled ramps and a mushroom jam.

2. Maine Lobster Pot Pie. Deconstructed tableside for you and your guests to see, this fresh lobster is sweet and tender, partnered with a pumpkin sauce, diced pumpkin and a thin flaky butter crust.  

3. Tempura Fried U-10 Scallops. Deep-fried scallops already sounds amazing. Add spaghetti squash, cilantro and ponzu sauce, and you’ve got a dish to remember.

4. Maryland Blue Crab Cake. Wit & Wisdom, a Tavern by Michael Mina does crab cakes right, filled with Maryland lump crab meat and served up with pickled vegetables and a hollandaise sauce.

5. Coffee & Cake. Borrowing a few ingredients from LAMILL, the coffee shop located within Wit & Wisdom, this dish is a classic devil’s food cake spun up with espresso curd and brown butter sherbet.

Hayley Bosch

I had lunch at Wit & Wisdom, A Tavern by Michael Mina recently and I have to admit, it was fantastic. We sat outside to take advantage of the beautiful day and great view, and the food only added to the delight of it all. While I didn't get to sample the dinner menu, I had some great dishes that I think stand up against even the most decadent dinner entree.

1. Amish Cheddar Pimento Cheese Dip. This is one of the more popular appetizers on the menu. Because of Baltimore's proximity to the Pennsylvania Amish Country, the cheese is extremely fresh. It's served with a bacon marmalade and whole wheat crackers.

2. Maine Lobster Corndogs. These are one of chef Michael Mina's specialties. The cornbread-like outside perfectly complements the buttery lobster. It's a delicious appetizer to share.

3. Rockfish Tacos. Of course, these aren't on the menu all the time, but when I was there in the beginning of the summer, rockfish season was in full swing. I love the local flavor. The white fish wasn't breaded, so you really got the taste. A delicious mango salsa, chili-agave marmalade and black bean and corn relish were served with the tacos as well.

4. New England Lobster Roll. Another one of Mina's classics, the lobster roll is fantastic. It's sweet and filled to the brim with buttery lobster. It's served with "Baltimore fries," which are dusted with Old Bay (a spice that we Mid-Atlantic folk put on just about everything). There's also some popcorn mixed in with the lobster, which adds a unique crunch.

5. Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich. You could say that I really like seafood (and you wouldn't be wrong), but at a place like Wit & Wisdom that sits right on the water, it's hard not to devour the local treats. The crab cake doesn't have a ton of filler (read: more crab) and it has a cracker crust for a good crunch. It's topped with lemon aioli and served with the same Baltimore fries topped with Old Bay.

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