What are the best things to eat and drink at China World Hotel, Beijing?

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Your choices for food and beverage at China World Hotel, Beijing are diverse indeed. Here are of the best things to order up:

1. Tea. You are in China, after all, so order yourself a nice cup of Pu’er (fermented tea), oolong, Jasmine or even a nice herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint. Tea can be ordered at the restaurants or in-room at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel.

2. Breakfast pastries. At Scene a Café, you’ll find delicious fresh baked goods such as tiny pancake-like cakes filled with pumpkin or long starchy Chinese-style doughnuts — subtly sweet treats to pair perfectly with your morning cup of coffee or tea.

3. Regional cuisine. At China World Hotel, Beijing, Summer Palace features contemporary versions of both Huaiyang cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. On the Huaiyang side, there are dishes such as marinated jellyfish and sautéed river shrimps, while on the Cantonese side, you’ll find dishes like suckling pig and pan-fried cod.

4. A mai tai. Aria Bar, underneath the fancier Aria Restaurant, is known for its crafty cocktails. We’d recommend opting for a classic tiki drink like the mai tai, made with orgeat, an almond syrup tough to find in China.

5. Malaysian room service. The extensive room service menu features a few savory Southeast Asian curry and noodle dishes that are definitely worth a try.

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