What is in the mini-bar at China World Hotel, Beijing?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The mini-bar in your room at China World Hotel, Beijing is well-stocked with snacks to munch on and drinks to sip. If you’re feeling hungry during your stay at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, there are multiple flavors of Pringles chips, a large package of Oreo cookies, and large containers of roasted, salted and honey-roasted nuts. In the fridge, you’ll also find a Toblerone chocolate bar and a Snickers candy bar. For something bubbly, there are sodas such as Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Watson’s tonic water, and Watson’s soda water, as well as adult drinks like Carlsberg beer and the local Tsingtao Beer. You’ll also find apple juice and orange juice, bottled Evian water, Perrier and Gatorade. Spirits include Rémy Martin cognac, Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch, Smirnoff vodka and Gordon’s gin.

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