What kind of bath products are offered at China World Hotel, Beijing?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The bath products in your room at China World Hotel, Beijing are plentiful and luxurious. Use any amenity and it’ll be replaced within the day, whether you need another or not. In your shower at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, you’ll find L’Occitane 5 Essential Oil shampoo, 5 Essential Oil conditioner and 3 Essential Oil body wash. On your sink counter, there will be a buttery soft bar of L’Occitane milk soap, as well as toiletries including dental kits, a shaving kit, a hair tie, a shower cap, a high quality comb, and “cotton buds,” or Q-tip cotton swabs. On the ledge of the bathtub, you’ll find a luxury loofa, for all your scrubbing needs, and a Shangri-La brand bar of bath soap. You’ll also want to keep in mind (and there’ll be a note alerting you to this) that the bathroom’s hair dryer has been provided in your main room — likely in the drawer of your dressing table, in the corner of your room — for safety purposes.

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