What is the menu like at Noble Court?

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Even though it’s located in the heart of Beijing, Noble Court offers an exceptionally varied menu written in both Chinese and English that showcases the best of Cantonese cooking. You’ll find all the classics, from braised abalone, honey-roasted barbecue pork, roasted duck with plum sauce, stir-fried prawns, barbecued pork belly in a clay pot, and an exceptional selection of live seafood in assorted preparations. An extensive dim sum menu is served during weekend brunches, so prepare to load up on steamed rice rolls, delicate dumplings and flaky pastries.

The menu runs the gamut and caters to those new to Cantonese cuisine as well as the most daring eaters. It also includes a few dishes from other regions in China. If you’re already well-versed in Cantonese cuisine, enjoy dishes like poached sea whelk with vegetables in supreme bouillon, stir-fried sliced donkey meat with ginger and leeks, double-boiled bird's nest with chrysanthemum, braised fish maw in pumpkin sauce, and braised sea cucumber with housemade bean curd and seasonal vegetables. Less adventurous eaters can opt for steamed eggplant with minced garlic, sweet and sour pork, and Cantonese crispy chicken.

An array of light items, including poached spinach with a trio of egg, poached clam and vegetable with soya sauce; fresh lettuce stems with shallot and Sichuan pepper essence; and marinated San Huang chicken filet with spring onion and ginger sauce will appeal to those watching their waistline. Seasonal items are also showcased in dishes like braised imperial fish maw with housemade bean curd and seasonal vegetables, braised abalone with bean curd and seasonal produce, and beef brisket with chestnuts in brown sauce.

The dessert menu also provides a variety of options keeping in the style of the Beijing restaurant. You won’t find overly sugary or rich temptations, but rather a mango cream soup, a seasonal fruit platter, chilled milk jelly with baked sliced almonds, chilled red dates jelly, and double-boiled snow fungus and pear in syrup.

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