What are some key things to know about Opera Bombana?

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Although there are several things to know about Opera Bombana, we’ve highlighted some key things to know about the newly opened restaurant:

1. Make a reservation. The restaurant tends to get quite busy for dinner, so booking a reservation a few days ahead is recommended.

2. Savor the bread. All the breads served at Opera Bombana are made in-house and are extremely fresh — the loaf of warm ciabatta with premium Lorenzo No. 5 olive oil at the start of the meal is a welcome treat to begin the dining experience.

3. Try the wine. The stunning angled-glass wall wine storage room makes a big first impression, and the house red wine, Il Toro, exclusive to the restaurant group, is well worth sipping.

4. Look around. The red brick walls and stone flooring say Italian trattoria, but the contemporary ceiling-fan-style fixtures hanging from the roof and trio of warrior figurines give a sense of the restaurant’s artistic flair.

5. Extras abound. Save some room because in addition to the food, a meal at Opera Bombana includes a fresh amuse-bouche, a tray of delicious mignardises and take-home treats such as sugared donuts and raisin buns.

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