What are the best souvenirs to buy in Berlin?

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Katherine Sacks

Some of the most iconic Berlin souvenirs include statues of the Berlin Buddy bear, available in a variety of designs and styles; numerous mementos decorated with the Ampelmann logo, the East German pedestrian traffic light symbol; and items imprinted with the image of the Brandenburger Tor, TV Tower, and other well known Berlin landmarks.

For more eclectic souvenirs, head to one of Berlin’s farmer’s markets or flea markets, where you can find more unique items to remember your trip by, such as locally made jams and honey, or vintage books and jewelry. Or pick up a GDR-era knickknack from M. Koos-Ostprodukte, a shop inside the Alexanderpltaz station that caters to East Berlin nostalgia, or the DDR Museum shop.

Berlin also launched a design completion in 2013, the Berlin Design Souvenir Award, to help the city develop a new iconic souvenir. Hoping to find an creative design that will break away from the typical Berlin-themed souvenirs, the city is looking for a new, unique reminder of the German capital. The preliminary nominees of this competition will be announced in early June.

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