Does The Bristol Lounge have a bar menu?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Brooke Vosika

The extensive bar menu features a wide array of “For Sharing” dishes and raw bar items plus a selection of Bristol favorites such as the Bristol Burger, the crab chowder and the garganelli bolognese.

Melanie Nayer

The bar menu at Bristol Lounge features all the favorites from the main menu, as well as a few items meant for sharing among friends. The tuna taco and avocado fries are a few favorites that always seem to find their way to the tables at the bar. There is a raw bar menu available at the bar from 5 to 11 p.m. that includes oysters ($3 each), little neck clams ($18 per dozen) and lobster cocktail (steamed, cracked and split for $33). You can also order the famous Bristol burger from the bar menu or enjoy some homemade pasta or crab chowder. During our visits to The Bristol Lounge, it was possible to order off the main dining room menu if you were seated at the bar, but given the heartiness of those plates, we think they’re best reserved for a table in the dining room.

Meanwhile, what we love most about the bar menu comes in liquid form. The creative cocktail menu is divided up into drinks that are classic, seasonal, Bristol regulars and non-spirited drinks. Most cocktails are $15, and the non-alcoholic drinks are $5 to $10. And don't forget the selection of local draught beers and beer flights.

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