What are the desserts like at The Bristol Lounge?

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One of our favorite things about The Bristol Lounge comes after the meal — dessert. Pastry chef Tim Fonseca takes desserts to a new level (at a reasonable cost). The grilled pumpkin whoopie pie, créme brulée and dark chocolate praline "candy bar" are a few of our favorites for $12. The "Let’s Spilt It" is a table favorite for $24 — a chocolate devil’s food cake tower layered with truffle ganache, vanilla butter cream and crème de cacao that serves up to four people. What we love most about dessert at The Bristol Lounge, however, is the full dessert buffet complete with fondues and mini cheesecakes, which the restaurant lays out on Friday and Saturday nights. Chef Fonseca also shakes things up a bit with his sundae bar. No simple presentation, they’re offered on Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight and feature a buffet of liquid nitrogen ice cream, toppings, sauces and frozen pops for $18 per person.

Brooke Vosika

Desserts vary with each menu change to reflect local, seasonal tastes aand fresh fruits and berries. Dessert options match every palate—from crème brulee and tiramisu to chocolate cake and gourmet ice cream.

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