What are five things to know about Flagstaff House Restaurant?

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If you’re heading to Flagstaff House Restaurant in Boulder, here are the things you’ll want to know beforehand:

1. It’s not a drive for the weary. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant is tucked into the mountains that overlook Boulder. Getting up to the restaurant is a bit of a trek and if you’re scared of heights or just scared of driving up winding, narrow roads, you’ll want to plan ahead to either take a taxi or have someone who is comfortable driving take you — and at night, it’s especially dark.

2. Beautiful views. Of course being situated in the mountains, you’ll get gorgeous views looking down at Boulder from the dining room. You’ll also see the surrounding mountains. So, the best time to visit might be around sundown when you can watch the sun setting behind the cliffs.

3. Make reservations. A popular spot, you’ll want to make reservations to be sure you can get in when you want. Another thing to note — while all the dining room’s tables look out through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you might want to request a table for two nearest the windows for a first-class view.

4. It just celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012. Having been opened for 40 years, the restaurant knows a few things about making patrons happy.

5. It’s a family-run operation. Owned and operated by the Monette family, you’ll feel genuinely welcomed here.

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