What is the menu like at Flagstaff House Restaurant?

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The menu at Flagstaff House Restaurant features American cuisine that’s French-inspired. It’s a pretty big menu, so you’ll have plenty of options, and whether you’re an adventurous eater or a bit picky, you should be able to find something on it to suit your palate. You’ll find items that are reflective of the regional Rocky Mountains environment, including dishes from the land and water. Appetizers included foie gras and sweetbreads; tuna tartare served with sake (which you can purchase for supplemental fee); a tuna fish "sandwich" (carpaccio); quail; and vegetarian dishes as well. Entrees included a good variety of fish and meat, including lobster, sole, scallops, prawns, pork cheeks, buffalo filet, filet mignon, duck, lamb and chicken. There really is something for everyone here. 

The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant's menu offers a range of items so that a less adventurous eater could choose a vegetarian dish or something classic like the tuna tartare for appetizers and basic dishes such as a fish of the day or a chicken dish. Bold eaters would find plenty of dishes that include foie gras or other items such as sweetbreads, buffalo filet, quail, caviar and more.

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