What words best describe the style of The Essex Resort & Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The Essex Resort & Spa can be best described as relaxed, picturesque, charming, green and family friendly. Here’s why:

1. Relaxed. The staff here is friendly and relaxed and so is the vibe of the Forbes Travel Guide recommended resort. It’s a lovely property where you can take it easy.

2. Picturesque. Vermont itself is scenic with never-ending trees, flowers, mountains and hills in the background. And the backdrop at the Essex Resort follows suit. It’s very beautiful and you’ll definitely understand why there are so many weddings that take place on the property every year.

3. Charming. The country-inn-like style of the property and the various fireplaces, natural wood and “living green” focus is very charming. There’s a beautiful garden, chicken coop and white gazebo that just adds to the appeal.

4. Green. Focusing on green practices, the design and style of The Essex Resort & Spa isn’t about wasting energy or resources. Thermostats in the rooms are set to an energy-efficient temperature when you leave the room, and your bathroom and bed linens are not changed during your stay unless requested. The hotel’s own garden and chickens provide some of the ingredients on the restaurants’ menus, and the rest are sourced from local farms.

5. Family-friendly. The Forbes Travel Guide recommended property is designed to be suitable for children and adults alike. Rooms feature kitchenettes and living areas, so there is plenty of space for larger families, and many activities are designed to include children, as well, such as the adventure course, tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, and cooking classes just for kids.

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