What words best describe the style of JW Marriott Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

When you first enter the JW Marriott Chicago, you’ll be overwhelmed by a “wow” factor that’s difficult to put into words. Nevertheless, here are five we think sum up this luxury hotel:

1. Historic. Certain design features are a throwback to the hotel’s original early 20th-century days as a bank. The high ceilings, elegant chandeliers and winding staircases lend the space an Old World sense of luxury that’s hard to come by in the 21st century.

2. Pristine. This word describes the immaculate state of the interior and the exterior of the property, from the marble floors to the signature awning outside that greets guests. Everything looks brand new and thoroughly clean with a brilliant sparkle.

3. Modern. This word describes the plush, contemporary style furnishings, abstract artwork and silver-and-black side tables that are set in the lobby of the hotel. Each piece has clean lines and a bold aesthetic that compliments the classical architecture.

4. Warm. Perfect lighting enhances the ambiance of this hotel. From the sconces along the walls and in the elevator corridors to the soft lighting coming from the chandeliers, each light only enhances the feeling that you’re in a warm and inviting environment.

5. Cool. That’s how you will feel as a guest at the JW Marriot Chicago.

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