Is Sixteen good for dates?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Sixteen is an excellent place for a date, especially if the object of your affection loves Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star cuisine. The service is attentive, the top-notch, seasonal menus rotate often (the dinner menu changes almost every day) and Sixteen's detail-oriented pastry menu serves up beautiful, intricate desserts that make the meal well worth the splurge. Plus there’s the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s million-dollar view: From any seat in the dining room, you'll be able to see ferries gliding up and down the Chicago River and out onto Lake Michigan, and when the sun goes down, the twinkling city lights illuminate the room. Sharing all this with someone special is sure to make for a great date.

Laura Janelle Downey

You know you have found a winner if your significant other takes you to the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Sixteen for a date. The ambiance is sophisticated and the service is stellar. Plus, the view of the Chicago River from the 16th floor is splendid. And if you want to surprise your sweetie with a special confection, the raspberry mousse shot with a coconut mousse dome and vanilla streusal sprinkled on top will do the trick. But keep in mind that this item isn’t a regular on the menu. When I inquired about this specific dessert, I was told to email the chef before I come back in again (at least four days in advance) and it'd be placed on the menu. Now that’s five-star service that is sure to impress any date!

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