What is the dress code at Sixteen?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

You won’t see a lot of people wearing jeans at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Sixteen, where the dress code ranges from smart casual to dressy chic for evening. Don’t worry about getting decked out for breakfast or lunch — a collared shirt works for the guys and office-appropriate attire for the ladies will suffice during the day at the Chicago restaurant. While sport coats and ties aren’t required, most men wear them anyway; women typically don dresses or slacks with a nice top. Just put your best face forward when dining at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

Laura Janelle Downey

Depending on what time of the day you go to the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Sixteen, I believe the dress code varies. If you’re there for breakfast or lunch, a nice blouse and skirt or pants will do just fine. You can even get away with a classic cotton polo shirt and khaki pants. But if you are there for dinner or to grab a drink at the bar later in the day, I would wear something a little more formal such as a cocktail dress or jacket, button-down shirt and pants. When I dined there for brunch, I saw some people in sweatsuits and shorts. In my humble opinion, their attire was certainly out of place and not appropriate for dining at a Five-Star restaurant.

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