What is the service like at Sixteen?

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Sixteen’s servers, who are dressed in ties and white button-down shirts, look snappy. And that’s just what the service is like at this Chicago restaurant: Snappy. During our meal, the courses were timed perfectly, and we never felt like we were waiting on anything. The servers were polite and helped set a mood that made us feel at ease from the moment they took our order. Plus, we appreciated how they always made sure we were finished eating before taking our plates. The great service — the type that anticipates your every need — is one of the many reasons the restaurant earned a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating.

Laura Janelle Downey

The service at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Sixteen is top-notch. From the minute I sat down at the table with my girlfriends, our waiter was attentive to all of our needs. He offered us mimosas and champagne before giving us a tour of the buffet stations. While we were enjoying brunch, he would stop by to make sure we had everything we needed. If there was an empty plate left on the table, other servers would come by (in a graceful manner) to collect them. After about an hour into the meal, I asked our waiter to take a picture of us and he did without hesitation (as a matter of fact, he took several shots so we would have a variety). I also noticed that whenever we would engage our waiter in casual conversation, he responded genuinely. For example, one of my friends at the table inquired about having drinks on the patio when it opens in May. Our waiter proceeded to give her all of the necessary information she would need for her return in a few weeks. And before we left the restaurant, the hostess provided my friend with even more information in hopes of making her birthday celebration special when she returns for drinks on the patio. Everyone at Sixteen was very helpful and provided the five-star service that the restaurant is known for.  

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