Does Penrose Room offer any special gifts from the chef?

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Every meal at Penrose Room comes with special gifts from the chef; the first is an amuse bouche, inspired by the ingredients of the season. Take, for example, a vibrant trio of Rocky Ford melon soup, fennel panna cotta and flatbread with three-olive tapenade. It’s mirrored by a pre-dessert amuse bouche from the pastry chef that’s as exquisite as the selections to follow, such as honey-saffron panna cotta with passion fruit gélee. Take-home gift bags containing housemade marshmallows in ever-changing flavors like toasted coconut come with the check. The menu changes seasonally at Penrose Room, so there’s no guarantee your favorite amuse bouche from last time will be there — but that just gives you another new thing to discover and love when you dine at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant.

Duane Thompson

Penrose Room offers special gifts from the chef such as an amuse-bouche, a pre-dessert and a take-home treat. The take-home treats from the pastry team are generally a gourmet-flavored homemade marshmallow.

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