Does the menu at Penrose Room have seasonal dishes?

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With the exception of this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant’s signature Caesar salad, the menu at Penrose Room changes three or four times a year to reflect the bounty of the season; the dessert selection rotates even more frequently.
With that in mind, executive chef Bertrand Bouquin and his pastry chef both lean heavily on the abundant variety of fruits and vegetables grown in Colorado, where the orchards bear everything from apricots and cherries to apples and pears, so depending on when you visit you’re likely to see at least one of those fruits worked into this Colorado Springs restaurant’s three- to seven-course tasting menus. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to see — and taste — Colorado’s famous peaches, which are generally harvested in July and August.

Duane Thompson

The Penrose Room menu changes four times a year to best represent the season. The menu is driven by the availability of fresh ingredients that embody the flavors of the season.

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