What is the price range for a meal at Penrose Room?

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The price range for a meal at Penrose Room varies with the three options for prix fixe dining. Three-course tastings, including appetizer, entrée and dessert, run $75 per person; four-course tastings extend to a second appetizer and cost $84 per person. In either case, some substitutions are allowed; for instance, if you lack a sweet tooth, you can forego dessert and choose another appetizer instead. The most indulgent menu offering, the chef’s seven-course tasting, runs $110 per person without wine pairings, $175 per person with wine. Keep in mind that a few dishes, such as the appetizer sampler, incur supplemental fees. Considering the restaurant’s Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating, we think the prices at Penrose Room are actually quite reasonable, especially when compared to other restaurants of its caliber.

Duane Thompson

Penrose Room offers  a Three Course dinner for 82.00 per person a, Four Course dinner   94.00 per person and a Chef’s Tasting Menu which is a  Seven Course Meal Served to the Entire Table for 132.00 per person.  An optional addition to the Chef’s Tasting Menu with Sommelier Wine Selection is 210.00 per person.

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