Where is M located?

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Beth Stallings

M is located on the first floor of 2 Miranova Place (there are two buildings in the Miranova grouping — one is high-end condos, the other is corporate offices. M is located in the latter). Just south of the Scioto River, which runs through downtown Columbus, Miranova offers some of the best views of the newly finished Scioto Mile, nearby Bicentennial Park and the city skyline. If the weather’s nice, grab a seat on M’s iron-fenced patio to take in the views.

Driving is the best way to travel to the fine-dining restaurant, unless you are staying at a hotel on the south end of downtown, in which case the restaurant would be a short 10-minute walk away. Valet parking is available through the main Miranova driveway, with the restaurant just beyond the main doors. You can also self-park in the adjoining garage for an hourly rate.

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