Where is Hôtel St. Germain Restaurant located?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Alex Skjong

Located in uptown, one of Dallas’ most popular neighborhoods, this fine-dining establishment graces the first floor of Hôtel St. Germain at 2516 Maple Avenue. Just steps from Uptown’s bustling bar scene and a quick drive away from downtown’s up-and-coming Arts District, the Dallas restaurant is the perfect place for an amazing multicourse meal or a glass of champagne before a night out on the town. Just beyond the hotel lobby sits the elegant main dining room that overlooks a tranquil courtyard reminiscent of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Adjacent to the main dining room is a private dining area adorned with floor-to-ceiling china cabinets, as well as a cozy parlor and library where Parisian champagne bar service is offered. As the restaurant is only open October through May, you'll avoid the hot Dallas summers and actually be able to enjoy the courtyard.

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