What are five things to know about MGM Grand Detroit?

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Whether you’ve come to the Motor City for a business convention or are hoping to win big at the casino, here are five things you should know about MGM Grand Detroit:

1. It’s a gambler’s paradise. The hotel’s main draw is its spacious, ground floor casino, which is open 24 hours a day.  You’ll find over 90 table games (everything from baccarat to roulette to three-card poker), 4,000 slot and video poker machines and the city’s top non-smoking poker room. 

2. Service is great. You can’t get better than the friendly, welcoming service here, where it truly seems like everyone knows your name and attends to any need you may have in a matter of minutes — if not seconds.  From the reception staff at check-in to the housekeepers roaming the hallways, everyone stops to wish you a pleasant day.

3. It’s not the best spot for kids. Because most of the restaurants are located within the casino, you can’t bring the kids to them, and many of the hotel’s attractions, including V Nightclub and Ignite Sushi (which offers ballroom dancing lessons on Thursday evening) are best for adults. That said, if you’re looking to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party in style, or simply want to get out of town with a group of friends, MGM Grand Detroit is a great choice.

4. There’s little in the surrounding area. Although you’re a relatively short walk from downtown Detroit, the area immediately surrounding the hotel is fairly isolated and doesn’t offer any attractions like cafés or shops.  But since the hotel offers several restaurants, a spa, gym, pool and casino, you’ll find plenty to do without ever walking out the door.

5. The casino floor gets smoky. If you’re sensitive to second-hand smoke, this might not be the spot for you. The casino floor is noticeably smoky (although the casino does have a tiny area of slot machines sectioned off for non-smokers as well as a smoke-free poker room), and the smell of stale cigarettes noticeably permeates into the lobby of the hotel.  Once you’re in your room, though, you won’t notice the scent.

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