What’s the best time to visit Fairmont Hotel Macdonald?

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Robin Schroffel

The best time to visit Fairmont Hotel Macdonald depends on whether you’d like to experience the sweltering prairie summer or the long depths of winter. Edmonton is a northern city and can have quite an extreme climate, with temperatures ranging from an average low of -17 C in January to an average high of 23 C in July. Because of its latitude, the city gets as much as 17 hours of daylight during the summer months and as little as 7.5 in mid-winter. Generally, the most agreeable months are from May through September.

But whether you prefer sun or snow, there’s always something happening in Edmonton. The city lives up to the nickname Festival City, boasting the largest Fringe Theatre Festival in North America, as well as numerous celebrations taking place year-round for cultural heritage, film, food, music, sports, and more. August’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival is known around the world, while the Silver Skate Festival brings out the best of winter each February with snow sculptures, ski and skate races, and a giant ice slide. The Folk Trail through the forest, lit by lantern at night, is a perennial favorite.

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