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Dana Damato is a correspondent who lives in Orlando and Los Angeles. Damato covers the cities of Dallas and Los Angeles for Forbes Travel Guide. She is a freelance travel writer and host for various publications and the editorial director for the travel blog DrivetheNation.com. She is addicted to adventure and indulges in new cultures. She loves to taste new food, drink different wines, visit new destinations and bring those experiences to life through words.

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    What are the best farmers markets in Los Angeles?

    When you’re in Los Angeles, the term “meet me at 3rd and Fairfax” will all make sense. Los Angeles has one of the best Farmer’s Markets around and the very one that I always recommend to anyone that comes into town is the Farmer’s Market at The Grove. Between groceries, shops, services, markets stores, restaurants and so much more, the Farmer’s Market is an area of food stalls, sit-down eateries, prepared food vendors and produce markets. There’s not much you can’t find at this Farmer’s Market and as a historical landmark of L.A (opened on a daily basis) you can be sure to find the freshest food and most lively crowd around.
    The Farmer’s Market at the Grove offers a variety of food choices for guests to enjoy from: Asian, Italian, French, seafood and so much more. Once you come here you will, in no time, feel overwhelmed by the choices. 
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    What are the best hiking trails in Los Angeles?

    Courtesy of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board and DiscoverLosAngeles.com When you think of Los Angeles the first thing that usually comes to mind is the thriving nightlife, world-class entertainment and luxury shopping.  However, there’s much more to Tinseltown then just that.  Some of the most well known attractions for both locals and visitors require nothing more than work out clothes, a bottle of water and a pair of very reliable sneakers.  
    One of the greatest things about Southern California is the perfect weather and the locals take full advantage of being able to enjoy an outdoor workout by hiking at one of the many West Hollywood trails. Runyon Canyon is one of the most scenic and invigorating hiking trails in the world for it’s breathtaking 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign and much more. Don’t forget to bring your dog! Runyon Canyon also offers an off-leash dog park.
    If you’re looking for a park that’s little less on the tourist side and more on the quiet side, Griffith Park and Bronson Canyon are two well known connected trails that offer a great work out with beautiful views of the city. Griffith Park and Bronson Canyon are both famous trails that have been featured in several motion pictures and television shows. You might even recognize the famous Griffith Observatory that sits atop Mount Hollywood.
    Another favorite West Hollywood trail is Fryman Canyon; a 122-acre park that offers spectacular views, a scenic atmosphere and immaculately clean grounds. The trail at Fryman Canyon is an ideal hike for a beginner or those looking for a less challenging work out.

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    What are the best bars in Dallas?

    The Dallas nightlife isn’t something that can compare to a city like Miami, New York or Los Angeles. Even though the nightlife is there, you can find it on a much smaller scale and little less “crazy.” For most of the bars in Dallas, you can expect to find bars that are more laid back and sophisticated.
    Candle room is one of those places on a small scale, but one of the most popular in Dallas.  As Dallas’ premier upscale lounge, you can be sure to find some of the Dallas elite hanging out at the Candle room.  If upscale isn’t so much your style, the Katy Trail Ice House is one of the best places to go for guys to get together and watch a game over a few beers. The Katy Trail Ice House offers indoor and outdoor seating and live entertainment. For a more upbeat and exciting place, the House of Blues is America’s best-known music venue and just so happens to be one of Dallas’ best nighttime hangouts. When you’re in town, make sure to check out their schedule for any events and/or concerts. 
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    Where is the best shopping in Dallas?

    Dallas is home to some of the best shopping locations in the Midwest. There isn’t much you can’t find in this fabulous city and if you’re in the right places, you can be sure you’ll get just what you came for. Whether you’re looking for high-end designer fashion or good ole’ Dallas fashion, there’s something here for everyone.
    The West Village is located in the heart of Dallas, just minutes from the downtown area and has some of the best shopping around. The West Village has stores such as Banana Republic, Club Monaco and Brooks Brothers.  If you’re looking for more of a mall setting, the Galleria Mall is one of Dallas’ finest shopping locations. With a large variety of store selections, guests can shop in stores such as H&M, Gucci, Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, Juicy Couture and much more. For a more high-end and outdoor shopping district, Highland Park Village has everything luxurious from Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Chanel and many more. 
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    What are the best attractions in Dallas?

    Dallas, TX is an upbeat and thriving city with a perfect balance of modern culture and attractions significant to American history. Dallas is one of those destinations that anyone can visit and experience a great time. From family trips to girl's weekend, there are so many fun and interesting attractions in Dallas, but to make your planning a little bit easier, here are a few of my personal favorites.
    The Dallas Zoo is a great family place and a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. If you’re looking to plan a nighttime event, catch a game or concert - the American Airlines Center always has sporting event and concerts. It is home to the NBA Champions, the Dallas Mavericks and is one of the best venues in the Midwest.
    To experience an interesting and educational aspect of Dallas, I always suggest visitors take a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium –visit the newly expanded Mundo Maya exhibit, the rainforest and the mammoth aquarium that features 80,000 gallons of saltwater exhibits including sharks, stingrays, and hundreds of reef fish all in living coral reef ecosystems. 
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    What is the best shopping in Los Angeles?

    Aside from being known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is also on the map for being one of the biggest fashion cities in the country - if not the world. Believe it or not, many worldwide trends come straight from the streets of Hollywood and several fashionistas come to L.A. to pick up some of those hot trends that can’t be found anywhere else. There are endless amounts of shopping locations in the Los Angeles area, but a few of the best will have everything you need to leave with the latest trends.
    Melrose Avenue has one of the most eclectic variety of high-end designer stores and individually owned boutiques. On Melrose Ave you can choose from designer stores such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs among many others. Melrose offers niche stores that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re looking for a more “Hollywood” shopping experience, head over to the world-famous Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive in known across the globe for being one of the more luxurious, famous and fashionable shopping strips in the world. Over on the strip you can find designer stores from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel. If a mall scene is more your pace, make your way over to the Beverly Center. The Beverly Center has department stores such as Bloomingdales and Macy’s; high-end stores such as Burberry, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent; and everyday stores such as H&M, Guess and Express.

    Making your way around Los Angeles to find any of these three shopping locations is simple since they are all near each other. Get those credit cards ready and happy shopping!
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    What are the best activities to do in Los Angeles?

    Los Angeles is on the map for it's entertainment. However, there is much more to this vibrant city than you may know about. If you weren't already aware, Southern California is known for it's remarkable weather. Not just during warm season, but year round. When you come out to this city, spend sometime outdoors. This can include hiking at Runyon Canyon, Griffith Park or Bronson Canyon. While hiking, you'll see views of homes right in the Hollywood hills, the famous Hollywood sign and once you get to the top, 360 degree views of Southern California from the Pacific Ocean out to Eastern snow covered mountains. 

    Shopping is also a popular activity in Los Angeles. You can find shops and boutiques at the Beverly Center Mall, Rodeo Drive, The Avenues on Melrose Ave the Sunset Plaza on the Sunset Strip.

    If you're a visitor coming to Los Angeles for the first time, taking a walk down Hollywood Boulevard is an experience worth having. If you have enough time, try to include some Hollywood Blvd landmarks into your agenda - which include Madame Tussauds, Grauman's Chinese Theatre and of course, The Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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