Michael Gordon

General Manager

As Barnsley Gardens Resort’s general manager, Michael Gordon oversees operations at the Adairsville, Ga., hotel. Gordon has more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has served as the general manager at Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah and The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

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    Michael Gordon answered the question: Michael Gordon

    What five words describe the style of Barnsley Resort?

    The five words that best describe the style of Barnsley Gardens Resort are:

    1. Elegant. The attention to detail and European styling of our resort lends it an old-fashioned elegance.

    2. Relaxed. Our use of warm, casual fabrics and whimsical decorative touches temper luxury with a sense of coziness. Yes, we want our resort to be beautiful and upscale, but at the same time we want our guests to feel at home while here.

    3. Natural. We designed our buildings and gardens to blend in with the natural surroundings, according to the design principles of Andrew Jackson Downing. Downing is credited with the popularization of the front porch — he believed it was the link between the home and nature — and you’ll find that “porching” is an art form here at Barnsley Gardens Resort.

    4. Peaceful. With a small number of accommodations and 3,300 beautiful acres, we average more than 17 acres per guest. One of the first things a guest typically notices is just how quiet it is here.

    5. Romantic. Barnsley Gardens Resort is one of the most romantic locations in Georgia for a reason: Not only are our accommodations more private (due to their location in cottages, rather than an inn) and loaded with romantic features like wood-burning fireplaces, but our very existence is the result of a great love story. Englishman Godfrey Barnsley built the original estate for his American wife, Julia, who died before its completion. Barnsley finished the grounds after her death as a testament to their love. Those same gardens, plus the ruins of the home he built for her, are now one of the most sought-after locations for marriage proposals and weddings in the Southeast.
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    What is the design style of Barnsley Resort?

    The writings of Andrew Jackson Downing inspired the design of Barnsley Gardens Resort, where the landscaping and architecture resemble a 19th-century village. The village, as we refer to the main portion of the resort, includes 37 guestroom cottages and 12 public buildings that reflect an Old World attention to detail, with reclaimed pine flooring, detailed woodwork, soaring ceilings and wood-burning fireplaces. Similarly, the décor ranges from European country to American Victorian, depending on the building’s design and function. There is also a touch of rustic Appalachian influence here and there, and we have two restored 1840s cabins at our resort. Regardless, you’ll find our interiors to be warm and inviting, with residential-style furnishings, handpicked artwork and estate collection accessories.
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    What are the five best things about Barnsley Resort?

    Among our many unique features, the five best things about Barnsley Gardens Resort are:

    1. The location. We’re just a short drive from Atlanta; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Birmingham, Ala., but we’re enough out of the way that guests feel like they’ve traveled a great distance.

    2. Our staff. We strive to have the friendliest, most attentive staff possible.

    3. Our history. The history of our property, from its conception as a private estate in the 1840s to the construction of the resort itself in the 1990s, is filled with stories of love, loss, mystery and rebirth. This history adds an extra dimension to our guests’ romance with the resort. People come here to be with their loved ones and end up falling in love with this place.

    4. The natural surroundings. With manicured English parterres and borders, shaded woodland paths and bamboo groves, you are sure to find a spot that speaks to you. Beware the hammocks, however — they are like time machines. Minutes turn into hours if you aren’t careful.

    5. The amenities. We have so many to choose from that there is something for everyone.
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    What makes Barnsley Resort different from other hotels?

    Our design makes Barnsley Gardens Resort different from other hotels because our guestrooms are located in freestanding cottages instead of one inn or lodge. It makes our 92-room hotel feel like a private country home or a small bed and breakfast. 
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    What is the nearest golf course to Barnsley Resort?

    We have a par-72 golf course designed by Jim Fazio at Barnsley Gardens Resort. Its unique design pays homage to the principles 19th-century landscape architect Andrew Jackson Downing, whose vision inspired our resort’s buildings and gardens. In keeping with Downing’s philosophy, Fazio supervised the moving of only one-quarter of the earth typically sculpted at new courses, lending it challenging elevation changes and striking views. Barnsley Gardens Resort’s course also earned 4.5 stars from Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play” in 2008/2009. 
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    What is the best time of the year to visit Barnsley Resort?

    When it comes down to the best time of the year to visit Barnsley Gardens Resort, a case can be made for each season. Most guests choose to come for the spring blooms or the fall foliage, although the summer is equally lovely and offers a surplus of blossoming roses. Winter is also a great time to visit: With our wood-burning fireplaces and cozy cottages, a trip to Barnsley is like a trip to the mountains — except the weather is much milder.