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Concierge, The Rival Hotel

  • Stockholm, Sweden, EUR

Born and raised in Hawaii, Sean Naughton studied international relations at the University of Oregon before moving to Stockholm, Sweden, more than 20 years ago. Sean is the head concierge at The Rival Hotel, Stockholm’s first boutique hotel; he has worked at the hotel for 10 years and has held his current position for the past six. He is a member of Les Clefs d’Or International and sits on the board of Svenska Hotell Portierf Föreningen, the Swedish association for concierge and hotel front office staff. Sean blogs at

  • On February 2, 2013
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    What are the best fine-dining restaurants in Stockholm?

    F12, photo by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt The culinary arts in Sweden have come a long way in the past two decades. Back in the 1980’s Swedish cuisine was mostly represented abroad by pickled herring, meatballs, smorgasbord and the Muppets’ Swedish Chef. These days Stockholm is a haute cuisine hotspot with Swedish chefs and restaurants consistently winning international competitions and racking up prestigious awards. There are a multitude of great restaurants in Stockholm, serving a variety of cuisines in different price classes. However, the following restaurants are considered some of the best when it comes to fine-dining:

    Mattias Dahlgren
    Lux Stockholm
    Restaurant Jonas
    Wedholms Fisk
    Le Rouge
  • On February 2, 2013
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    What are the must-see sights in Stockholm?

    Photo by Sean Naughton In my line of work, I often get asked ”what should we not miss while visiting Stockholm?”. This is actually a tougher question than it may seem as, in my opinion, there are lots of things one shouldn’t miss when in Stockholm! In the end it all comes down how much time you have, what time of the year you are visiting Stockholm and to your own personal interests. But if I was forced to whittle down my recommendations to a top 5 list of attractions, it would look something like this:
    1. Vasa Museum- This is one of the most impressive museums I have ever come across in my travels. So happy that it is in Stockholm! The museum is built around the royal warship Vasa, which sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628. It was found at the bottom of Stockholm harbour in the late 1950’s in almost perfect condition. Impressive, informative and unique!
    2. Fotografiska- Opened in 2010, this museum of photography (the largest in the world) has quickly become one of the top attractions in Stockholm. They have had some great exhibitions, including Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Robert Mapplethorpe. Their bistro on the top floor, with views of the harbour, is also a wonderful place for lunch or a glass of wine.
    3. Gamla Stan- The medieval heart of the city! While this area can be overrun with tourists, especially during the summer, it still has its charm with lots to see such as the Royal Palace and Nobel Museum. Otherwise you can walk the cobblestone streets and just soak up the history. A good place to shop for antiques, souvenirs and Swedish handicraft.
    4. ABBA The Museum- Opening on May 7th, 2013. Due to the high level of interest, I am going to go out on a limb and say that this will be one of the top 5 places to visit in Stockholm. It will actually be a large permanent exhibition within a larger museum called the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. Reports say that it will be high tech and very interactive.
    5. Summer- Stockholm has lots to offer visitors year-round, but really explodes in the summertime when it stays light long into the night. The Stockholm archipelago with its 30,000+ islands is a natural wonder and is fun to explore by boat, whether for a few hours or a few days. Stockholm has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are best seen at this time of the year… the Drottningholm Palace, the woodland cemetery Skogskyrkogården and the Viking settlement of Birka.
    As you see, I still managed to squeeze in a few extra attractions in my top 5 list!
  • On February 1, 2013
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    What’s happening this weekend in Stockholm?

    Photo by Erik Cornelius/Nationalmuseum This weekend (February 3rd and 4th) marks the final days for the National Museum, Stockholm's premiere museum for classic art and design. On Monday the museum will be closing for 4 years of extensive renovations. To mark the occasion, the museum will have longer opening hours all weekend as well as special events and free admission. If you are staying in Stockholm this weekend, take advantage of this and stop by to admire some fantastic works of art by both Swedish and international masters. The museum will be taking up temporary residence in the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts during the renovations. The first exhibition, featuring Carl Larsson, will open on June 13th.
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