What is the scene like at Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood?

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Zandra Wolfgram

The vibe of Seagar’s is like that of the great old silver-screen movie stars: classic, elegant, and yes, sexy. You’ll find lots of glamour at this timeless steakhouse, but thankfully, little pretense. A look around the dining room quickly reveals that you do not have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy the award-winning fare. In fact, Seagar’s is so popular with some longtime local couples that you can find them seated at their “usual” table on their regular date night out. Seagar’s is the kind of place where you can get to know Ray at the piano, and feel right at home requesting one of your favorite tunes. Seagar’s is indeed a feast for the senses, and the moment you arrive and are greeted by a roaring outdoor fire and cascading waterfall, you realize it. Inside, the glow of dimmed lights and gleaming Mahogany floors is warming. Handsomely stuffed sofas and chairs invite you to sit and relax in the lounge. Sapphire blues and harvest golds hint to a nautical theme throughout the main dining room, which is dotted with elegantly framed seaside photography. Most evenings, the Destin restaurant’s dining room and lounge are frequented by men and women traveling on business, couples celebrating a romantic anniversary and groups of families and friends savoring a memorable meal.

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