What are the five best Frankfurt food experiences?

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Joseph Reaney

Forget the frankfurter. When in Frankfurt, you’ll want to explore the burgeoning international food scene found here. These are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ choices for the best Frankfurt food experiences.
1. Handkäse mit Musik. Although somewhat of an acquired taste, handkäse is a Frankfurt staple: a kind of curdled milk cheese, hand-rolled into a cylindrical shape and prone to giving off a pungent aroma.
2. Grüne Sosse. Although not a meal in itself, this ‘green sauce’ – made from eggs, salt, oil, vinegar and various aromatic herbs including parsley, chives, cress and dill – can be found on a variety of dishes sold throughout the city. We recommend it poured over a plate of grilled fish with boiled potatoes.
3. Sausages. Everybody in the world knows about the frankfurter hot dog, but in the 21st century the city’s most popular sausages are actually the grilled rindswurst (a sausage made with 100% pure beef) and the fried currywurst (slices of pork sausage seasoned with warm curry ketchup).
4. Frankfurter Kranz. The most traditional dessert the city has to offer, this ‘Frankfurt Crown’ is a firm sponge cake in two or three layers, filled with lashings of butter cream icing and strawberry jam, then topped with even more butter cream icing and toasted almond flakes. Delicious, decadent and deadly.
5. Beer and Cider. Frankfurt has two good local brews – Binding and Henninger – but the city’s liquid refreshment of choice is undoubtedly Ebbelwoi, an apple wine that tastes similar to cider. You’ll find taverns across town selling the drink either straight up or mixed with sparkling water (sauergespritzt).

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