What are the five best Grand Canyon food experiences?

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Becky Bosshart

The Grand Canyon has a slew of Southwestern food to be enjoyed — eat and then burn off the calories with an afternoon hike or raft ride. Here are five food experiences that Forbes Travel Guide recommends having in and around the Grand Canyon:
1. Historic dining. For a taste of history, eat at the El Tovar Dining Room, which is located inside a historic hotel on the South Rim. Try the hand-cut natural black Angus filet mignon au poivre paired with a glass of sustainable pinot noir.
2. Ice cream. Bright Angel Restaurant — a family-friendly restaurant with a traditional American menu — serves hand-packed premium ice cream on hot summer days.
3. Alfresco dinner. Go to Grand Cookout at the North Rim to have a camp-style meal, complete with Western music and folk tales. The ambience is what makes this dining experience, but you’ll also love the down-home grub like baked beans and barbecue beer brisket.
4. Drinks at El Tovar Lounge. You’ll love sipping a glass of sparkling wine at the El Tovar Lounge, which is paneled in dark oak and has a veranda overlooking the canyon. Try the local red varietal, Arizona Stronghold Mangus Tuscan Blend.
5. Camp cuisine. By the time you get to the Phantom Ranch Canteen at the bottom of the canyon, you’ll be ready for the specialty beef stew, vegetarian chili or steak. Book that reservation well in advance — this is the only lodge and meal at the bottom of the canyon, and thus, it’s a popular one.

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