What are the best things to order at The Circular?

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Sara Bozich

The menu at The Circular is fresh and interesting, focusing on a larger offering of appetizers and small plates and select entrée and “from the grill” offerings. However, there are a few “musts” to sample during your visit:

1. Trio of mini lamb sliders. Delicious and tender lamb burgers are nestled on brioche with a dab of Havarti, cucumber and yogurt.

2. Cocoa-dusted Maine scallops. These are a Hershey classic for good reason. Now featured as a starter, share them with a friend for a luscious start to your meal, paired with royal trumpet mushrooms and parsnip puree.

3. The Circular burger. It almost seems wrong to order a burger in a place like The Circular, but under its new vision — and made with 21-day dry-aged ground beef — it’s just right. Add cloth bound cheddar and Benton’s bacon, and it’s already a customer favorite.

4. Veal porterhouse. Pair it with the creamed spinach (which is finished with bourbon and maple) for a delectable combination.

5. Chocolate fondue for two. A perfect end to dinner and the must-see dessert. Rum flambéed dark chocolate fondue is surrounded by dippable treats from cinnamon marshmallows and rice crisps to berry skewers and blueberry graham shortbread.

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