What is the design style of L’hotel élan?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The design style of L’hotel élan in Hong Kong is contemporary and energetic, and integrates natural stone and metal materials. White-veined gray marble spans the floor of the two-story ground lobby, with enormous round pillars supporting the ceiling, craggy stone walls and a few fossils on display. The mix of ancient and modern is achieved by contrasting these elements with two high-backed sculptural chairs in the corner, a lacquered pure white concierge desk in the shape of a sitting bird and even an interactive video screen offering tourist information on restaurants, bars, activities and geoparks in the area. The reception level on the 35th floor upstairs features the same white-veined gray marble, but looks distinctly more of this century, with angular reception desks, large video screens mounted on the wall, neon-colored up lighting and a fantastic view of the surrounding industrial neighborhood and harbor through floor-to-ceiling windows. Copper paneling, extensive glass walls and the reflective marble surfaces lend an overall open atmosphere to the space, with large metal art sculptures on display, offer a chic and stark contrast to the factory district outside.

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