What are the best souvenirs to buy in Hong Kong?

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Barbra Austin

Globalization is making souvenir shopping increasingly difficult, but it’s still possible to find something distinctly Hong Kong to take home with you.

A custom-made suit or cheongsam: Hong Kong’s legendary tailors will have you outfitted in no time.

A name seal: Also called a “chop,” these are heavy stone stamps carved with the owner’s name at one end which (historically) could function as a signature on important documents. Man Wa street in Sheung Wan is lined with seal makers, but before you go, you’ll need to choose a good Chinese translation of your name.

G.O.D. - Goods of Desire: This local design shop incorporates iconic Hong Kong themes and objects into a range of housewares, clothing, and accessories.

Tea: Jasmine, pu’er, oolong, green — tea is fundamental to Hong Kong culture, and makes an excellent gift.

Knickknacks: The antique dealers on Cat Street peddle all kinds of kitsch, curios and everyday objects such as chopsticks, caligraphy brushes, vintage postcards and costume jewelry.

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