What is the food presentation like at The Inn at Dos Brisas?

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The presentation at The Inn at Dos Brisas restaurant in Washington, Texas, is clean and elegant, allowing the fresh ingredients in each dish to shine. On a recent visit, a brisket sandwich at lunch was presented open faced on a large white square dish with a cast iron pot of crispy French fries set on a napkin and a small dish of au jus and a side of fried pickles with homemade ranch dressing. These comfort meals are smartly presented, almost like box lunches, adding to their appeal. A variety of pastries at brunch were served on a thin crescent plate. We’ve also had many items served right in the skillet at this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant — a breakfast of huevos rancheros, a creamy side of mac and cheese, a medley of fresh vegetables. Dinner plates are beautifully presented with the various ingredients neatly mounded on the plate in pools of bright sauce or in a perfectly tangled heap. A narrow bar of smoked salmon was showcased in a wide, shallow white bowl with little bubbles of bright orange roe on top and two delicate dollops of crème fraîche, with tiny sprigs of herbs marking a little “x” in one corner. A course of poached shrimp with fresh peaches was served in a flatter bowl with a large piece of shrimp curled into the vibrant fruit. A piece of pork in another course was in a colorful pool of sauces with thick strips of grilled vegetables on top.

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